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I am an enthusiastic, personable, thirteen-year engineer looking to add value to a high-technology organization by utilizing my systems engineering experience and detailed approach.  I thrive in a customer-facing role, acting as a conduit between internal and external stakeholders, facilitating communication between diverse parties.  My broad engineering background and insatiable curiosity has enabled me to be quickly effective when presented with new technologies, yet well-grounded in sound systems engineering processes, considering the entire project lifecycle and strategy for future initiatives.

Security clearance (currently inactive; adjudicated 8/2008):  Top Secret / SSBI

Specialties include:

  • systems engineering

  • requirements management

  • project management

  • program management / product management

  • product lifecycle engineering

  • whitepapers / conference presentations / training presentations

  • systems optimization

  • interoperable systems

  • market analysis

  • electromagnetic modeling and simulation

  • antenna modeling / analysis

  • mobile device simulation / analysis

  • antenna placement analysis


  • RF propagation prediction (indoor, outdoor, tunnels, long-distance)


  • Human exposure / SAR studies, medical device analysis

  • Waveguide / transmission line / feedline analysis

  • electrical engineering

  • FDTD, GTD/UTD, GO/PO, MEC, ray tracing

  • signal processing

  • image processing

  • algorithm development / analysis


  • biomedical engineering

  • VHF  / UHF / Microwave devices


United States Patent and Trademark Office (

Patent Examiner (November 2013 – present)

  • Consistently produce quality office actions exceeding 110% of expected output for current grade and experience.

  • Evaluated applications involving simulation software inventions for novelty, non-obviousness, and usefulness to determine patentability.

  • Refined prior art search capabilities, with the ability to rapidly learn new technologies and develop an effective search strategy.

  • Successfully managed a docket consisting of new and amended patent applications.

  • Interfaced with inventors and patent attorneys in order to facilitate the application process and encourage compact prosecution of applications.

  • Completed Patent Training Academy to become proficient at patent examination and knowledgeable regarding patent laws, rules, and office policies.


Remcom, Inc. (

Applications Engineer (May 2007 – May 2013)

Top Secret security clearance

Project Management Experience

  • Successfully led a Phase I SBIR  (~$100k) effort to develop RF hazard analysis tool for US Air Force which culminated in the awarding of a Phase II SBIR (~$750k) contract to Remcom.

  • Managed commercial product training program to transition from a lecture to a hands-on approach.  These courses are one of Remcom’s most successful sales tools with an extremely high rate of converting prospects to customers.

Technical Experience

  • Possess expert knowledge of advanced electromagnetic simulation tools:

    • XFdtd: A full-wave, finite difference, time domain (FDTD) simulation tool useful for modeling electrically small to medium-sized objects. Applications include antenna design, mobile device simulation, antenna platform placement and analysis, human exposure studies, RCS calculations, etc.

    • Wireless InSite: 3D ray-tracing based RF propagation prediction tool utilizing GTD/UTD methods.  Calculates propagation in urban outdoor, indoor, and irregular terrain environments at high frequency (~100 MHz – 30 GHz).

    • XGtd: 3D ray-tracing based electromagnetic analysis tool for assessing the effects of a vehicle or vessel on antenna radiation, estimating radar cross section (RCS), and predicting coupling between antennas. Based on techniques such as Geometric Optics (GO), the Uniform Theory of Diffraction (UTD), Physical Optics (PO), and the Method of Equivalent Currents (MEC).

  • Utilized simulation tools for a wide variety of applications, including modeling various antennas, platforms, human exposure studies, far-zone analysis, mobile device design/analysis, RCS, coupling analysis, and indoor, urban, and long-range RF propagation.

  • Generated lessons and delivered software training programs to hundreds of existing and prospective customers – helping them understand how to map their specific application to EM simulation.


Customer Relationship Management

  • Participated in technical visits to showcase Remcom’s products and capabilities, and to assist current users in better and more efficient use of our software.

  • Assisted sales and marketing personnel in pre-sales activities, including product demonstrations for prospective customers.

  • Provided advanced technical support to current and prospective customers, both internal and external, for all Remcom products.

  • Provided consulting services using Remcom’s XFdtd full-wave electromagnetic solver and Wireless InSite 3D urban propagation prediction software.

Product Management Experience

  • Close and extensive interaction with customers permitted a deep understanding of their problems, while creating value by relaying product improvements to the technical development team.

  • Gathered product requirements and conveyed to technical team for integration into future products.

  • Assisted sales/marketing and technical teams to introduce new products and features.

  • Worked with marketing team to develop promotional materials, generate application examples, and deliver product demonstrations.

  • Promoted software applications, features, and novel uses by paper submissions and conference presentations.

  • Maintained familiarity with market competition.



Penn State University / Applied Research Laboratory

Assistant Research Engineer (January 2000 – May 2007)

Technical Experience

  • Was responsible for implementing and improving classification for DEMON algorithm as part of the Torpedo Detection, Classification and Localization Demo System.

  • Developed online collaboration workspace using Team Central software to enable cooperation and data sharing between ARL/PSU and outside vendors.

  • Studied current state of LASER and LIDAR technologies to determine feasibility of application in standoff detection of IEDs.

  • Analyzed tracking and classification algorithms to discover possible areas of improvement or further development.

  • Performed research and testing of various algorithms for use in Naval undersea and surface ship warfare systems and in preparation for Advanced Technology Demonstration (research results from ATD work published in Journal of Underwater Acoustics).

  • Converted algorithms developed and improved in Matlab environment to C++ for delivery to customer.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Presented results from work on TDCL Demo System to client and government sponsor at Program Management Review.


PSU Center for NMR/MRI Research (Hershey Medical Center)

Summer Research Student (Summer 1999)

  • Developed RF Coil EMF models using Remcom, Inc.’s XFdtd software.

  • Assisted in development of fMRI studies including olfactometry and using Stimulate analysis software.


CellularONE (later Cingular, now AT&T Wireless)

RF Engineering Co-op (Summer 1998)

  • Performed frequency planning, real estate analysis, performance engineering and troubleshooting, traffic analysis, and new cell site design.



Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering

Pennsylvania State University

May 2010

  • Coursework includes creative problem solving (personnel management), technical project management, modeling and simulation, systems optimization, requirements engineering, systems engineering.

  • Capstone project involved work with a small team to design an interoperable communications system with a Preliminary Design Report as the final deliverable.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Pennsylvania State University

December 1999

  • Minor in Biomedical Engineering.

  • Coursework focus on microwave devices, antennas, signal processing, image processing.



  • Licensed Amateur Radio operator with callsign N3OKC

  • Eagle Scout

  • Licensed Emergency Medical Technician (1993-2005)

  • Freelance photographer (editorial, sports, portraits, weddings)

  • Lifetime Member of Penn State Alumni Association

  • Volunteer at Our Lady of Victory School, State College, PA

  • Participant in Centre Region Parks and Rec volleyball league

  • Member of Alumni Blue Band Assoc. Board of Directors (2005-2008, 2015-present)